Banana Boat ride Bali

Bali Banana Boat Ride

Bali Banana Boat ride, A family friendly water sport activities you can do in Bali. Banana boat ride give you a fun ride on the sea with your partner or family. Such an exciting activity to share the fun for family with young kids or group of friends.

Banana Boat ride in Bali

Bali Banana Boat ride is ridding an inflatable Banana shaped rubber boat. A huge rubber boat towed with speed boat trough the middle of the sea. Enjoy the 15 minutes shaky ride above the comfort inflatable rubber boat. This activities is suit for couple and family with young kids.

Bali Banana Boat
Banana Boat


This fun ride of Banana boat available daily during the opening hours the water sport company. Opened daily from 8.30AM to 4.00PM. This Bali water sport activity is not weather depended. It will be still available even in rainy day. It will be more exciting during the drizzle.

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Price and Booking

The price and booking for this activity can see below or go to our Shop page for all available water sport activities in Bali. Banana boat ride ticket valid for 1 person, Minimun ride is 2 Person and maximum up to 5-6 in each ride.

Step By Step of Banana Boat

To join this activity is very simple, You just need to wear the live vest, then Get you ride on it. The speed boat with a towed rope will ride off trough the middle of the sea. During the ride you may request stable ride, zig zag ride or even request to be flipped in the middle of the sea if you want to jump in to the water. You will no need to be worry if you are unable to swim, Since you will be equipped with live vest.

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