Jet ski Ride Bali

Bali Jet ski ride

Bali Jet ski ride, Ride a water scooter around the sea, Drive the jet ski as fast as you want. Ride it to the maximum speed and feels the adrenaline rushing above the sea. A powerful 760 cc engine jet ski allow you cruising the sea in a speedy way.

Bali Jet Ski Ride

Ride a jet ski in Bali let you explore the amazing blue sea of Tanjung Benoa Beach. Ride to the middle of the sea with your fast and powerful 760cc jet ski. No specific experience needed to ride this vehicle in the water, If you are first time on it, You will get a short briefing and practice by the instructor.

Jet ski Ride Bali
Jet Ski

For the information, Jet ski not similar to a scooter in the road, Which has a brake to stop it immediately. The only way to getting slower the ride is to reduce the speed. For the safety purpose, You will be accompanied by instructor to keep you stay safe during the ride.

Availability of The jet Ski ride

This activitiy of Bali water sports is available daily during the company operating hours. 8.30AM to 04.00PM daily. It will be available without depending on tide condition. This activity is suit for both kids and adult. Or if you want to ride it with your kids, It will be a great fun for them.

bali jet ski ride

Price and Booking

Price for the this ride can be seen below, Recommended to book multiple activities for maximum fun and experience. Combine this ride with Parasailing, Flying fish or Banana Boat.

How to Start With Jet ski?

It is easy to ride it, You will be given the live vest for safety in case you down to water. While, before you start it, Instructor will brief you with some necessary and safety ride guide. you will be informed how to handle it. However, The speed power is in your hands, you are full control this speed. It will looks like a Brake handle like in a scooter or bike on the road. The way to increase the speed is push the handle and release the handle to reduce speed.

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