Bali tandem Parasailing

Bali Tandem Parasailing

Bali Tandem Parasailing allow you fly together with your partner or family, See the beautiful panorama in bird eye view from the top together with your partner or Family. Maximum allowed 3 Persons in a flight.

Tandem Parasailing

Similar to Single Bali parasailing, Tandem Parasailing is allow you to fly up to 3 Person at same time. As long as the accumulative body weight of the passenger not more than 200Kg. Tandem Parasailing or known as Parasailing Adventure.

Bali Tandem Parasailing
Tandem parasailing

This water sport activity is a good choice you can do if you want to fly with your partner or family at the same time. You can experience the bird eye view from the top together while capturing your happy moment and flight in the air


Different with single parasailing activities, This activity is start from the middle of the Sea. While single parasailing is start from the shore line, Adventure parasailing begin in the mid of the sea. So this activity has more availability every day. It is available during the opening hours of the water sport company.

Bali Tandem Parasailing
Adventure Parasailing

Price and Booking

Bali parasailing price is way more expensive than the single parasailing tour. It has longer flight duration, More exciting and the plus is there you can fly with partner or family at same time. Tandem parasailing or Adventure parasailing price and Booking can be compare below:

Step By Step of Tandem Parasailing

Before start this activities, You will be given a short briefing from the instructor regarding the Parasailing activities. You will be transferred to the boat to the deeper sea, Away from the shore line. A harness will be prepared to connect passenger to the parachute.

The parachute is opened while the boat ride off slowly to make, Passenger will be attached to the parachute with your tandem mate. The Boat hydraulic system will release the rope slowly until make you fly up in the sky. The boat the increase the speed and cruising along in the middle of the sea. You will be in the air up to 5-6 Minutes, You may get longer session by order it before the flight.

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