Bali Flying Fish

Flying Fish Bali Water Sport

Flying fish Bali water sport, A water sport activity that suitable for adrenaline junkies. Who love rushing and speedy adventures. Fly above the inflatable mattress shaped rubber boat. Try this most extreme marine activities.

Flying fish Bali

This kind of water sport activity is one of the most extreme marine sport adventure that you can do in Bali. If you happen to go for water sport activities, This ride is a must. Flying fish ride will give you amazing experience. Lying backward in a Mattress shaped inflatable rubber boat, While the tow rope is attached to a powerful speed boat.

Flying Fish Bali

You will be accompanied by an instructor who will stand in the middle to keep the balance during the ride. While the passenger will be lying backward toward the sun holding the rope. It will looks like a kite from the distance, and You are on this huge kite.

To Keep in stable and balance during the activity, Instructor has the important role for this mattress stay in a Balance and keep you safe. Overall, This activity looks like a double Banana boat, But it can fly

Bali Flying fish Availability

Flying fish available daily during the opening hours of the operator at Tanjung Benoa beach. This ride can accommodate 2 Person and 1 instructor who take care of this game. During this ride, You will experience 2 Times round, Approximately 8-10 minutes for each session.

Not recommended for kids below 10 years old and travelers with serious healthy problem. Pregnant travelers are also not recommended due to this activities is shocking and adrenaline rushing.

Price and Booking

flying fish water sport price and booking can be booked online from our website. This below price is quoted per person and online booking available just in a simple click. You may combine this activity with other exciting water sport activities like Bali parasailing tours. Or browse our shop page for all water sport activities.

Step By Step

To play this water sport activity is simple, You will only need to wear the safety lie vest and lying on the space between the rubber boat. You just need to stay and lying, While the boat will start towing slowly to fast and even faster. When reach the maximum speed, You will start flying. You will feel an extreme sensation and screaming loud. Please do not throw yourself to the water when it is flying, It will make the balance collapse and possible flipped that may cause the injuries.

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