Bali Sea Walker tour, Under water walk

$ 35

Walking down under the sea, Feed and play with the fishes and meet the beauty and colorful coral reefs of Nusa Dua Beach. 


Sea Walker in Bali, One of the most popular water bali, Bali sea walking let you interact with fishes and enjoy the bottom line of the sea in easy way and being accompanied with professional staff. One of Must do activities in Bali to make your memorable holiday in Bali island.

Walk under the sea is another great type of water activity you can do in Tanjung benoa, Nusa dua, Bali, it is completely easy both for kids and adultery. The special waterproof equipment is designed to let you breathing normally just like you live in the ground.

How Bali sea walker goes?

First, you will need to wear a wet suit, provided by the operator and you will have a short briefing during the activities.You will be driven to the middle of the sea with the small boat for the sea walking venue, The staff will welcome you at the starting point and attach all the safety equipment before you start your activities.

The equipment is a clear glass waterproof, specially designed to let you breath normally, The special helmet will cover your whole head to neck to avoid water comes in. The helmet is connected to the dive tank for the oxygen supply. The oxygen will flow trough the hose and it will keep you safely breathing during the activities.

The sea walking duration is approximately 20-30 minutes under the sea, and you will walk around 4-6 meters under the sea accompanied by the dive master. you will begin walking, feeding the fishes and meet the colorful coral reefs. This kind activities available daily from 09AM to 04PM.

  • All safety equipment
  • Safety locker
  • professional instructor
  • Insurance coverage

Before you Go?

  • This activity is not recommended for pregnant women and those with back problems, epilepsy, heart complaints, or other serious medical conditions





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